Featured Projects

Big Lil - 

Goal: We are building self-confidence in middle school girls using high school girls as mentors. 
Completed: We have met with the girls three times, and our program has been published in the local newspaper. We have been selected by our EAST program to compete for a Founder's award at EAST conference. 
In progress: We are planning activities and lessons for many future meetings, as well as working on conference materials. 
Planned: We want to build healthy friendships between the mentor and the middle schooler. 
Learned: We have learned how to interact and counsel young girls, work in a team, and interact with adults in charge of counseling services and the middle school. 
Group Members: Rachel Bruton, Ashton Garner, and Emily Lake 

Tornado Safety Plan for Buses 

Goal: We are making a plan for busses that get caught in a tornado situation, especially busses travelling far from Mountain Home for a sporting event or similar occasion. 
Completed: We have solved how the busses will be notified and how they will evacuate students with special needs. We have talked with AR State Management System, MH Transportation Department, Baxter County Office at Emergency Management, and the Baxter County Sheriff Station. 
In progress: We are learning proper bus tornado procedure, communication skills, and video development skills. We are continuing to correspond with the agencies listed above, as well as continuing development of our plan. 
Planned: We want to continue constructing our foolproof safety plan. 
Learned: We have learned how to manage time, do independent work, use mapping software, correspond with multiple agencies, and how solve complex problems. 
Group Members: Rosella Kowalsky, Peyton Gunn, and Mercede Cummins 

School Web Page

Goal: We are trying to update the school website with new photos, events, and current faculty. 
Completed: We have collected pictures for many pages, and have a list of upcoming events. 
In progress: We are continuing to gather photos and information. 
Planned: We want to continue getting high-quality pictures for all of the district pages. 
Learned: We have learned how to attach links to a template, use digital cameras, talk to clients, and manage time. 
Group Members: Ashlee Papineau, Kersten Ellis, and Ronni Bradford 

Healthy Selfie 

Goal: We are trying to involve the school in healthy habits using selfies. 
Completed: We have called businesses about donating prizes for students who have the best/most healthy selfies. We made a promotional video, recruited students, and hung posters around the school. We have finished our first week of the contest, and a student won a gift card to a local health food store.
In progress: The contest is in its second week, and students are participating. 
Planned: We want to generate more hype and enthusiasm for the contest. 
Learned: We have learned how to solicit donations from businesses, use digital cameras, and manage time. 
Group Members: Hannah and Abigail 

WiFi Project 

Goal: We are identifying areas in the school with weak wifi and taking measures to improve connection 
Completed: We have recorded the strength of wifi in almost every classroom and hallway. We have presented the color coded map to the tech department. 
In progress: We are continuing to collect more accurate data around campus. 
Planned: Hopefully we can use the data we have collected to fix connection issues. 
Learned: We have learned to utilize apps like "Ookla Speedtest" to measure wifi strength. We have also learned how to work in a team, and how to manage our time so we can collect as much data as possible. 
Group Members: Anna Fisher 

Be What You Wanna Be, Get Me Some A/C

Goal: We are trying to get A/C in the gym to solve the problem of extreme heat. 
Completed: We have talked to Mike Walker and Coach Wood about getting the A/C. We have also spoken to a Jim Brown associate to give an price estimate. We have spoken to the school board about the A/C, and recieved a somewhat favorable response. 
In progress: The district finance department is reviewing our plans. 
Planned: We want the A/C to be approved by the finance department so work can begin as soon as possible. 
Learned: We have learned how to write professional letters, speak to the school board, work in a team, and manage our time. 
Group Members: Collin Oxford, Avery Bobbit, and Sky-lar Culver 

Campus Recycling 

Goal: We are attempting to begin a recycling program at the High School, with a focus on sporting event and other large school events. 
Completed: We have met with the owner of Start2Start recycling, who has agreed to help us get started. We have also collected recyclables throughout the high school. 
In progress: We are continuing to collect around the high school and at basketball games. 
Planned: We want to put more bins out, educate students, and expand to the junior high. 
Learned: We have learned how to work with a business owner and school officials. 
Group Members: Jaret Neal, Mario Jurdon, and Gavin Williams