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Attention MHJH and MHHS Parents and Guardians: 

A current social media challenge is encouraging teens to destroy and steal school property. Unfortunately we have already had instances of these behaviors on our campuses. We need support from our parents and guardians as we navigate this situation. 

It is important that our students and their families understand the seriousness of this issue. Charges will be filed on any student caught vandalizing or stealing school property or breaking other laws on campus. 

Unfortunately, we have had to tighten up our bathroom break procedures at MHHS due to various vandalism issues in the restrooms. We understand that there are emergency-type instances where students will need to use the restroom outside of passing periods. In those cases, your children should communicate individually with their teachers, and the teachers will work to accommodate their individual needs. It is our hope that after our parents have discussions with their children over the weekend, we will be able to move forward with our normal restroom break procedures soon. 

If vandalism in the bathrooms continues at MHJH, we will have to tighten the restroom break procedures there as well. 

Please, please help support us in conveying the seriousness of this issue to your children. 

Thank you, 

Kyle McCarn - MHJH Principal

Mary Beth Russell - MHHS Principal