a graphic that says a message to parents:

Parents and Guardians, 

I hope you are having a good week. 

We wanted to make you aware of the latest social media fad and the issues and disruptions it is causing.

An app called Yik Yak has resurfaced this week. It allows for anyone with the app within a 5-mile radius to post anything they want anonymously. Today -- and throughout the week -- our administration has been dealing with a variety of situations that have disrupted the learning environment.

Today another situation came about when a post was made that stated, “no one come to school tomorrow.”  The quote has since been edited to say, “No one come to school tomorrow, because it’s Veterans Day mom.”

This post was reported to local law enforcement to be investigated. After investigation, law enforcement officials have no reason to believe this post to be a viable threat in any way. 

As always, we will remain vigilant and do our best to stay aware of circumstances that could be threatening in nature. This would be a great opportunity to talk with your child about the appropriate uses of social media and the potential consequences of dangerous and hurtful content.