an update from Dr. Jake Long Superintendent

MHPS Families,

We want to make you aware of two incidents that occurred over the Thanksgiving break. 

First, on Thanksgiving Day, Mountain Home Public Schools was notified by MHPD that a middle school student created a hit list and shared it along with a picture of a rifle. This situation was handled completely by the police department. 

The district is unaware of any names on this list or any specifics related to this situation, however we have been notified that the student is in law enforcement custody.

The second incident occurred on Friday, November 25 when a MHHS student posted a picture on social media of himself holding two guns with a caption that read “School ready.” School personnel were made aware of this post and immediately reported it to law-enforcement. This student is also in law enforcement custody. 

Parents, I would encourage you to have conversations about the seriousness of these types of actions. As a school system, we will continue to take any of this type of information, investigate it, and get to the bottom of it. Even though neither of these incidents happened in school, they will both result in serious consequences within our school system and, of course, within the legal system as well.

I hope you and your families had a great break. We have just 3.5 weeks until the end of the semester, so let’s finish strong.

Dr. Jake Long