Sweetheart Week Image

2023 Sweetheart Week Activities

Classes will compete for prizes for an overall winner for the week. Dress up Days will be a competition between grades. Every day except Monday, students will send a pic to a link by 3:00 pm to determine the finalist for each day. You will have to read your email each day to get the link and possibly help your class win!

  • Monday - “Class Colors Day” - each grade will be assigned a color for them to wear. Seniors wear pink, Juniors wear red, and Sophomores wear white. The winners will be determined by % of AAP that dressed up (AAP teacher will fill out a form of the number of students that dressed up. That percentage will be used to determine the grade that wins.)

  • Tuesday - “Duos Day” (whether famous or your friend) Dress up as a famous duo or with a friend or teacher. 

  • Wednesday - “Adam Sandler Day” (dress like the actor Adam Sandler). Sweetheart 5-on-5 Bash competition between the grades for the week’s winner. (Special schedule)

  • Thursday - “Throwback Thursday-Bring It Back Day” (wear or bring things from your childhood)

  • Friday - “Sweetheart Day” -Wear a Sweetheart shirt or pink, red or white. Pep rally presentation of royalty and class games. Sweetheart royalty presentation at the game between the Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys games against Alma.